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Privacy policy

The privacy policy is part of the Terms and Conditions and determines how your personal data by us (in the following "portal operator") are kept and processed. Any use of appond (hereafter referred to as "Portal") by the user implies the full consent of this privacy policy.


Cookies are text files that are automatically stored locally in the visitor's browser when you call a web site. This website uses cookies to make the it user-friendly and functional. Thanks to these files, it is possible, for example, that you get information specifically tailored to your interests on the page. Security-related functions for the protection of your privacy are also possible through the use of cookies. The exclusive purpose is, therefore, to adapt our offer to your customer's wishes as best as possible and to make your surfing with us as comfortable as possible and to facilitate the navigation. This website follows the directive (ยง 96. para. 3. tkg. 05) on the user's reference to the use of cookies and the data protection.

Cookies are used by the portal for the identification of users. Are cookies disabled friends, the portal can be displayed incorrectly. Disabled cookies, only public content will be read, but no comments or recommendations are given.

Can data through cookies by advertisers who place advertisements on the portal, these advertising providers will pass. The stored on the portal, personal data are however excluded from this data.

Beta Version

This is a beta version. You can use all services on the portal. But your data can be deleted again and again with each change to the software until the final release!

Types of personal data

Public information

Public information includes:
  1. Your name (first name and last name)
  2. Your profile picture
  3. Your published content (depending on the release)
  4. Your comments and recommendations ("likes")

Your name (first name and last name) and your profile picture are visible to all users of the portal. The current profile image is not protected is available in theory in knowledge of Portal-own user identification number of Internet users, whether these users of the portal are.
Content that creates videos from you in the form of blogs, images, texts, or uploaded, can be released for a specific group of users (for example, your contacts or friends) you and provided exclusive of these people.
Your comments and recommendations ("likes") are viewable by all users, which can be commented or recommended content. The permission of the comment or recommended content sets the creator of content. This permission can also be changed after comments or recommended content from you. Comments and recommendations are visible thus theoretically for any (Internet) users. The name (first name and last name) of the creator and the time will be shown to any comment or any recommendation.

Private information

Private content available for other users. An exception is made only if your express wish to the publish this data to specific user groups is.

Private information includes:
  1. Of your user name and password

By default private information (this can be made publicly by friends on request in the profile for a certain user groups) includes:
  1. E-Mail address
  2. Birth day
  3. Gender
  4. Place of residence, country of origin
  5. Current whereabouts
    This is not automatically charged by the portal, but can you request will be determined and stored.

Using the user data

The personal data of the users can be used as follows and processed:
Displays information, identified by friends as a public, all users in the profile. Data and content that will be released by you only for a certain group of users, can be viewed only by this.
Your name (first name and last name) and the photo of your profile are public and are always displayed in the users profile, also for users who do not have access to other information in your user profile.
All user data and contents can be viewed by the portal operator (appond). This is random to the verification of compliance with the General conditions of use. A targeted review of private data and content is a message of the breach of the terms of use.

Storage duration and location of the personal data

The user data have no expiration date, except the one specified by you. Your content can be resolved at any time by you and are more visible then for any user. The final deletion of the content on the servers is carried out to the nearest possible time. The deletion of data is final, an archive of deleted content is not planned.
Your account cannot be deleted by you at any time. With the account, all your content (apps like photo albums, blogs, forums, and all comments and recommendations) are deleted. If you more than a year not to use the portal, your profile may be deleted automatically.
When deleting apps (photo albums, blogs, forums and the like) are also all comments and recommendations (including those of others) deleted content of this app. Deletes a single content (for example, a picture from a photo album), are automatically also all comments and recommendations (including those of others) deleted this content.
Your personal data can be stored outside the EU.

Sharing your contents

You keep the copyright of your content. You are providing the portal operator with the uploading of content (in particular for photos and videos) a license to this content to use and suit.
You transfer a license that is valid worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable and non-exclusive to the portal operator. The license transfer ends, if the content you is deleted from the portal. The transfer of this license on the portal operator is necessary to display your content on the portal.

Transmission of personal data to third parties

Third parties can see contents of users when they will be released by the respective user. To avoid spam, the email is not propagated address of users to third parties. The user can view address but the email upon request in his public profile.
The portal operator propagates user data without explicit permission of the user to any third party. An exception is the transfer of data by arrangement of judicial authorities, if there is a suspicion of illegal use.
All personal data are accessible to verify compliance with the conditions of use of the portal operator.

Rights of the user

You have full access to your personal data. The personal data can be corrected at any time by you. Is a correct user data from the portal software is not provided, the user can request a correction of the data from the portal operator.

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